Avion Tan - Senior Designer     I am a Modern Contemporary kind of guy. The thing about Modern Contemporary themes is that this fusion (Modern + Contemporary) has some roots in Minimalism too, and this allows me the space to inject some of the current interior trends into a classic Modern theme.

While in every structure has a set of rules, regulations and compliances to adhere by, I don’t see these elements as limiting my creativity. In fact, I feel that it pushes the boundaries of my creativity and explore various possibilities and solutions.

Being in the job is not only about knowing all about interior design, but it also trains me to have people skills – to learn to read people and understand what they actually want when they mention something. This is because not everybody is able to articulate certain design concepts in terminology that we in the design field use, and that’s perfectly understandable. It is through this skill of reading people that when you finally sync with your client’s understanding, and he goes “Ah yes! That is exactly what I want!”, that’s when you know you’re on the right track.